Silks thoroughbred racehorses are central to the Silks metaverse. When a real racehorse is born and registered as a thoroughbred racehorse in the United States, Silks will create a “digital clone” of the racehorse.

This digital clone will track the lineage, physical traits, development, productivity, and life events of its counterpart in the real world.

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Silks series 1 delivery pass

The current horses for sale in Silks represent the real thoroughbred racehorses that have sold in some of the most prestigious auctions in the world. Each Genesis Avatar is given a Delivery Pass at the start of each season that can be used to purchase a random horse from the season's yearling collection.

Yearlings are young horses, with no races under their saddles and will grow and get stronger as they mature. As the real-world horse matures, so will your horse, in the Silks metaverse. This crop of talented yearlings can begin racing as early as the 2023 season.

Your horse is a real horse*

*You never have to shovel sh*t

Silks Horse

Sentient smoke


Sentient smoke



Some rich dude


Purchase price



Race earnings


8 wins*

Race record

8 wins


Stud earnings


0.0 Tons

Sh*t shoveled

2.4 Tons

*Our lawyers told us to share that these are hypothetical figures that you can’t rely on 😉

Real horse

You can win before your horse ever races...



After a yearling is sold, but prior to its first race, there may be significant volatility in the value of the horse. There is a robust market of bloodstock traders that buy and sell racehorses during this period to capitalize on this volatility. This activity is referred to as pinhooking.

The Silks metaverse will track all available public data relating to the development and productivity of every racehorse in Silks and make the information available to everyone playing Game of Silks. This will empower community members who want to track and study this information to participate in pinhooking in Game of Silks.

You can win when another owner’s horse wins



Stabling is the act of housing a racehorse on a farm. Stabling allows you to share in the collective racing rewards of the other racehorses in the same stable as your horse.

This also means that when you sell a stabled racehorse, you're not just selling the horse itself, but your share of the potential earnings of the other horses stabled with it. This brings a whole new dimension of value when buying or selling a racehorse.

You can win by sharing ownership in your horse with others



Owning thoroughbred racehorses involves a significant degree of risk. To offset this risk, you may choose to form a syndicate of partners that collectively own the horse.

Silks makes it easy for you to form a micro-community of partners in your racehorse by allowing you to distribute fractions of your horse to up to 9 other people.

There are also myriad ways to lose

Bad luck, bad decisions, force majeure...

There is a high degree of risk associated with purchasing and owning a racehorse, even a digital one.


The racehorse you buy may never train well enough to race.


If your racehorse makes the races it may never race well enough to win


Even if your racehorse wins races, it may never race well enough to be a desirable breeder


If your horse starts breeding, it may not produce winning offspring


Your racehorse may also get injured or even die during its career

Because Purchasing a racehorse can be a risky endeavor. The more you understand how to diversify your risk, the better your odds at being successful.

You can’t build a dynasty without horses, so purchase your yearlings now!