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Own your Dynasty!

Game of Silks is a strategy game based on the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. Silks is most similar to dynasty fantasy sports games. Each year, Game of Silks turns qualified thoroughbred racehorses into a digital clone that tracks the activity of the underlying horse throughout its lifetime. When your Silks racehorse wins a race or breeds in the real world, you get rewarded in Game of Silks.

Game of Silks is a rich ecosystem where, through strategic gameplay, you can build your own dynasty in the high stakes world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Game Assets

Silks Avatars
A Silks avatar serves as your identity and gives you access to the Game of Silks.

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses
A digital clone of a real world thoroughbred racehorse.

Land, Stables, Farms
Buy land and stables to develop farms.

Sky Falls Genesis Parcels
Land parcels in the Sky Falls region of the Silks metaverse available to eligible Genesis avatar holders..

The terms “racehorse” and “horse” refers to thoroughbred racehorses in the context of the Game of Silks.

We may, at any time, revise, change, eliminate or add to the features, specifications, rules or other parameters described herein.

A Game of Strategy and Diversification of Risk

The Risk of Thoroughbred Racehorse Ownership

There is a high degree of risk associated with purchasing and owning a racehorse. The racehorse you buy may never train well enough to race. If the racehorse makes it to the races, it may never race well enough to win. Even if a racehorse wins races, it may never race well enough to be a desirable breeder. Once it starts breeding, it may not produce enough winning offspring to generate significant breeding fees. A racehorse may also get injured or even die during its career. Because purchasing a racehorse can be a risky endeavor, the more you understand how to diversify your risk, the more likely it is that you will be successful.

You can play the Game of Silks at varying levels of risk. Risk is determined by the size of the public farm you choose to stable your horses in, if you choose to own a full or syndicated share of one or more racehorses, and if you engage in pinhooking or land speculation. Each path exposes you to different types and levels of risk:

Farm Owner

Limited exposure to the risk of racehorse ownership

Land Owner

No exposure to the risk of racehorse ownership


Short term risk associated with racehorse ownership

Horse Owner

Short and long term risk associated with racehorse ownership

Syndication and Stabling

Moderate risk associated with racehorse ownership

The Silks ecosystem allows you to take on multiple roles as you play in a global strategy game. No matter what strategy you choose, you have the opportunity to be a part of various micro communities within the larger Silks community. Through aligned incentives and shared rooting interests, Silks creates an exciting and engaging fantasy gameplay experience on a level never before achieved.

Silks Avatars

Dynasty Silks

A Silks avatar serves as your identity within the Silks ecosystem. Each Silks avatar consists of a distinct combination of colors, patterns, and other attributes that collectively create a one-of-a-kind “coat of arms” or crest that appears on every asset you own within the Silks ecosystem. Similar to a team logo, the crest is the visual representation, or brand, of your Silks dynasty. It will appear at the entry to your farm or estate, draped on the walls of your stable, and on the blinkers and blankets of your racehorse.

Racing Rewards

When your Silks avatar is minted, it is automatically registered with Game of Silks as verified Dynasty Silks and associated with your wallet. To receive racing rewards, you must own a Silks avatar in the same wallet as your racehorse.

Racing rewards are distributed based on a schedule that is published prior to each race.

Reference Reward Sharing for how payouts get distributed


Avatar holders will have the opportunity to access exclusive experiences, giveaways, and real life events.


Silks avatars have a variety of attributes with different levels of rarity, creating a collectable game within the game. Your selected avatar also serves as your visual identity in the game, letting you represent your dynasty in a truly unique way.

At the outset of the game, the rarity of an Avatar has no impact on the gameplay. This could change over time.

Silks Genesis Avatars

The Silks Genesis avatar collection is the first collection released for the Game of Silks. It consists of 10,000 avatars which contain a one-of-a-kind additional benefit exclusive to the collection: The Lifetime Mint Pass

Lifetime Mint Pass

Each Silks Genesis avatar will have a lifetime right to mint one yearling each year from the annual crop. Those without a Genesis avatar wishing to acquire a yearling will only be able to purchase the horse during special live yearling auctions, from the Silks marketplace, or on secondary markets such as OpenSea. As the number of players increases, the right to mint yearlings directly from Silks will become more and more valuable. This benefit will make the Genesis collection one of the most consistently meaningful assets in the game.

Holding Reward

The longer an avatar remains in your wallet, the more valuable the rewards you may receive. The first holding reward is the Sky Falls Genesis Claim. Every Genesis avatar has a right to claim a parcel of Sky Falls land.

Certain holding rewards have a finite period during which they can be claimed. Details of the claim periods of rewards are published in the Silks discord and on the Silks website (, or you can sign up to receive notifications via email.

You are able to mint one yearling every year for each Genesis avatar you hold. Similarly, holding rewards are allocated per avatar held, whether you hold one or one hundred.

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses

Mirroring The Real World

Silks thoroughbred racehorses are central to the Silks metaverse. When a real racehorse is born and registered as a thoroughbred racehorse in the United States, Silks will create a “digital clone” of the racehorse. This digital clone will track the lineage, physical traits, development, productivity, and life events of its counterpart in the real world.


After a yearling is sold, but prior to its first race, there may be significant volatility in the value of the horse. There is a robust market of bloodstock traders that buy and sell racehorses during this period to capitalize on this volatility. This activity is referred to as pinhooking. The Silks metaverse will track all available public data relating to the development and productivity of every racehorse in Silks and make the information available to everyone playing Game of Silks. This will empower community members who want to track and study this information to participate in pinhooking in Game of Silks.


Owning thoroughbred racehorses involves a significant degree of risk. To offset that risk, you may choose to fractionalize your horse by breaking your horse token into 10 parts. By fractionalizing your horse, you can allow 9 other people to share in the rewards generated when your horse wins a purse or gets breeding fees.

The single asset is divided into 9 Partnership tokens and 1 Governance token. The owner of the Governance token is empowered to make key decisions on behalf of the ownership group, such as where the horse will be stabled within the Silks metaverse. Ownership of the Partnership tokens gives you the same rewards but lacks this key utility.

Fractionalization is another great way for players to cooperate and share their gameplay experience as well as offset the risk of full ownership.

The owners of both the Governance and Partnership tokens are required to own Silks avatars to receive rewards.

When fractionalizing a racehorse, it will result in the horse getting "wrapped" in the racehorse contract, and a new Governance token and nine Partnership tokens get minted. Both types of tokens are freely tradeable on the secondary market.

A fractionalized racehorse can only be reconstituted if all 10 tokens (one Governance token and nine Partnership tokens) are in the same wallet.

Annual Yearling Sale

Yearlings are sold at auction in the real world for large sums of money, allowing the wealthiest buyers the advantage of owning the horses with the greatest prospects. Silks democratizes thoroughbred racehorse ownership by lowering the cost of entry for ownership and reducing the advantage a player with large sums of money might enjoy. The core mechanic in Silks that creates this opportunity is the annual sale of unrevealed yearlings. Using this format everyone has the same chance of minting a championship horse. All that is required is owning a Silks Genesis Avatar.

Each Genesis Avatar Holder is eligible to mint one unrevealed yearling from during a critical presale window each Fall after the annual yearling auctions and before race season begins.

Prices of unrevealed racehorses will increase annual;ly as race season approaches and is planned to increase year over year alongside the increase in the rewards pool.

Silks Land


The Silks ecosystem consists of 202,500 one-acre parcels of land set on a 450 acre x 450 acre grid. The map is separated into regions, the first of which is the Sky Falls region.

Land Development

A key part of building your Silks dynasty is developing one or more farms. Just like in real life, farms provide the necessary housing for Silks racehorses. Farms can begin at one acre and grow in size as contiguous land parcels are assembled and combined together with a Stable NFT.

Contiguous Acres

For a parcel to be considered contiguous it must share a common border with another parcel. Parcels that share corners, but not borders, are not considered contiguous. Parcels that are not contiguous cannot be combined to form a larger farm.

Land Attributes

The land in the various regions of the Silks metaverse have different attributes embedded within them.

Attributes include

Parcel Size

  • All parcels are approximately 1x1 squares of one acre each.


  • Identifies the specific location of the parcel on the map.

Development Regulations

  • Specifies the number of contiguous acres required to develop land into a private farm or a public farm.

Hidden Attributes

  • Land may have embedded structures that provide the owner enhanced benefits.
  • Land may have additional resources which in the future can yield valuable rewards.

A stable embedded in a land parcel cannot be detached and sold separately from the land.

Silks Sky Falls Genesis Parcels


Sky Falls is the capital of the Silks metaverse. It is a vast landscape spanning 25,000 beautiful, lush digital acres, rich in utility and benefits exclusive to the Sky Falls region. It’s believed Sky Falls was named as such because land this beautiful could have only dropped from the air above. This very special land has already provided significant benefits to those who were the first to arrive in the Silks metaverse.

Sky Falls Land Attributes

Land in the Sky Falls region have the following attributes with each one acre land parcel.

Attributes include

Parcel Size

  • 1 acre


  • (0-160, 0-160)

Development Regulations

  • Private = 1 (acre)
  • Public = 10 (acres)

Embedded Stable

  • A Silks Sky Falls Genesis Stable

In Sky Falls, private farms begin at 1 acre in size and public farms begin at 10 acres in size.

The unique benefit

Each acre of land in the Sky Falls region comes with an embedded stable. The stable is capable of stabling a single racehorse per acre of land. For example, a four acre private farm can stable a total of four racehorses, and a 10 acre public farm can stable a total of 10 racehorses. This unique and valuable benefit means if you hold a parcel of Sky Falls land, there is no additional cost to start a private farm.

The Founders Stable will develop as the land develops and reach full form and metaverse function once ten acres of contiguous Sky Falls land have been developed into a public farm.

Redeemable Benefits

When you first redeem your Sky Falls Genesis land claim, it needs to be exchanged for a parcel in Sky Falls with a randomly assigned fixed location. Each one acre parcel will have fixed coordinates on the map, and contain attributes and rarities associated with core land gameplay. If you own multiple Sky Falls Genesis land claims, at the time of the redemption you will have the option to create a contiguous tract of Sky Falls acreage, which will be randomly assigned to a fixed location in the Sky Falls Region.

Sky Falls is made up of 25,000 land parcels (160x 160). Up to 10,000 land claims may be redeemed through this process - one for each Genesis avatar. After the Sky Falls land redemption period has ended, any Sky Falls land not claimed by a Genesis avatar holder, along with the other 15,000 Sky Falls parcels, will be sold after the redemption period has ended.

Contiguous land is a major factor in developing and building your Silks dynasty. The Sky Falls land redemption benefit reduces the difficulty of development by giving you a one-time opportunity to easily form contiguous lots. Future land releases will not have the same redemption benefits. Users will have to find individual contiguous land parcels on the Silks Marketplace or the secondary market to piece together farms.

If you redeem more than 10 Sky Falls land claims at one time, it will result in the creation of multiple parcels of contiguous acreage, which will be placed in separate random locations. For example, if a user redeemed 15 acres, they would receive 10 contiguous acres in one location, and 5 contiguous acres in another location.

If you do not redeem your Sky Falls land claim prior to the redemption deadline, the redemption will be automatically processed by the Sky Falls contract.

For an abundance of clarity, if you do not claim your Sky Falls land claim prior to the claim deadline you will not receive a Sky Falls land parcel. If you have claimed your Sky Falls land claim, but do not redeem it for land in Sky Falls, it will automatically be redeemed for you after the redemption deadline passes.

Sky Falls Redemption Logic

Example of redeeming 3 Sky Falls Genesis land claims:

  1. A user exchanges 3 Sky Falls Genesis land claims.
  2. The contract will assign the first acre by finding a random coordinate in the Sky Falls region.
  3. The contract will then check all four contiguous acres of the first parcel and assign an additional acre in one of the four eligible locations.
  4. If it cannot find an eligible location contiguous to the first assigned parcel, it will look to the second assigned parcel, and so on until all parcels are assigned.
  5. The contract will then mint all of the contiguous assigned parcels.

The contract logic is programmed to create consolidated contiguous acres. It is not possible for the redemption process to result in the minting of contiguous acres that surround un-redeemed acre(s).

Silks Stables

In addition to land, a stable is required to develop a farm. Stables have unique aesthetic and gameplay attributes that are reflected in newly created private and public farms.

Stable Attributes

Stabling Period

  • The period of time a racehorse must commit to being stabled on your farm.

Stabling Fee

  • The percentage of a racehorse’s winnings you charge all horses stabled on your farm. All fees are paid “in-kind” through racing earnings. If your horse does not earn racing rewards, there is no cost to you for stabling that horse.

Attributes above are ranges that will be set by you, the owner.

To learn more about developing land into farms visit "Developing a Farm".


Stabling is the act of housing a racehorse on a farm. Stabling allows you to share in the collective racing rewards of the other racehorses in the same stable as your horse. This also means that when you sell a stabled racehorse, you're not just selling the horse itself, but your share of the potential earnings of the other horses stabled with it. This brings a whole new dimension of value when buying or selling a racehorse.

Silks Farms


Farms in the Silks metaverse serve as gamified businesses and personal ‘storefronts’. You can operate your farm as a general purpose racing or breeding farm you can focus on offering certain thoroughbred bloodlines or narrowly defined risk profiles. Your farm has its own individual marketplace featuring your horses. Visitors to your farm can bid on and buy racehorses, or shares in syndicated racehorses, directly from you through your marketplace. Farm owners could curate high quality selections of horses for sale, potentially de-risking the purchasing decisions of their clients and fetching premium prices in return. As the game progresses, farms with successful track records will gain credibility that will drive potential buyers and sellers to them.

All minted racehorses are by default placed in the Silks community farm. The purpose of the community farm is to house horses temporarily. Disadvantages of having your racehorse in a community farm include the inability to syndicate your racehorse and a 25% stabling fee collected on all rewards earned while stabled.

Private Farms

Only the owner of a private farm is eligible to stable racehorses on that farm.

Attributes above are ranges that will be set by you, the owner.

The sale of either a private farm, or a racehorse stabled within a private farm, will result in the racehorse returning to a community farm.

In the Sky Falls region, private farms are between the size of one and nine acres

Public farms (farms of 10 acres or more) can still function as private farms by disabling stable requests.

Public Farms

Public Farms are open to the public, allowing other racehorse owners to submit a request to stable their horse in your farm. When you stable your horses in a public farm you are distributing and reducing your risk because you share in the pool of racing rewards generated by the other stabled horses. You are also creating a rooting interest for yourself in more than just one horse, making the game more exciting and engaging.

Owning a public farm requires you to act as a stable manager, curating and managing a stable of racehorses. Similar to traditional fantasy sports, the stable acts as the ‘team roster’. The better you are at managing the stable, the more rewards you will receive and the greater the interest in stabling on your farm there will be.

Once a racehorse is stabled in your public farm, you will be unable to change the stabling fee until all of the racehorses have been removed from the stable.

Stabling is not the same as traditional ‘staking’ in DeFi. When a racehorse is stabled in a public farm it is still liquid and able to be purchased and sold, and will remain stabled for the duration of the stabling contract. In theory, a savvy horse owner might be able to leverage being stabled on a highly productive farm to sell their horse for an above market price.

On your journey to building your Silks dynasty, you may want to grow your farm. Farms can grow by adding contiguous land to an existing farm. In the Sky Falls region, private farms can grow in increments as small as one acre and public farms can only grow in increments of 10 acres, with the maximum size of a single public farm being 100 acres. This means you can only increase the size of your public farm when you have assembled ten additional contiguous parcels of land with at least one of those parcels contiguous to the existing farm.

Developing a Farm

When you own the required quantity of contiguous land parcels, you will have the option to create a farm by developing the land, as outlined below:

  1. Choose the contiguous parcels you would like to develop into a farm.
    • Development Regulations and the number of land parcels you have selected to combine will dictate the type(s) of farm(s) you can create.
  2. Choose the stable you would like to use to combine with the land parcel to develop a farm.
    • If the land has an embedded stable it will be selected as the default option; if the land does not have an embedded stable you will be prompted to select an available stable from your wallet.
  3. You will be prompted to name the farm.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a short description of the farm.
  5. You will be prompted to enter which of your Silks you want to assign to the farm.

Additional Public Farm Setup

If you create a public farm, you may be able to set the operating parameters of the farm. These parameters can only be changed if there are no racehorses stabled on the farm.

  1. Stabling length
    • The minimum and maximum length of time that a racehorse must be stabled on your farm.
  2. Stable Fee
    • The percentage of racing rewards a public farm owner receives from the earnings of each stabled racehorse. Example: Stabling fee is set to 5%. If a stabled racehorse earns 1,000 racing rewards the farm owner will collect 50 racing rewards and the remaining 950 rewards will be distributed evenly across all racehorse owners in the public farm (Stabling Pool).
  3. Destabling fee
    • The cost to remove a racehorse from the public farm prior to the expiration of the stabling contract. This fee is paid by the party canceling the contract. Either party may cancel the contract. It is possible to disable this option, in which case horses cannot be destabled from your farm until the contract expires.
  4. Select “Develop Farm” and receive your new farm.

Creating a farm does not destroy the land and stable assets used to create it. Those assets are ‘wrapped’ inside of the newly created farm asset. This allows the farm to be deconstructed back into its component parts under certain conditions. In order to deconstruct your farm, all stabled racehorses must be removed. Then you will be able to deconstruct the farm and sell the stable and land parcels as individual assets.

If you sell your farm on the secondary market, the stable and land used to create the farm are sold as well, because they are wrapped inside the farm. Additionally, all racehorses stabled on the farm at the time of the sale will remain stabled on the sold farm. This gives you an opportunity to potentially realize additional value when selling a well managed farm.

If you combine two contiguous farms that were both created with a stable that is not embedded in the land, you will be able to choose which stable remains with the farm. The other stable will be returned to your wallet and can be used to create another farm or sold on the secondary market.

Reward Sharing

As a public farm owner, you set a fee and collect a reward every time a racehorse on your farm earns racing or breeding rewards. Racing rewards are distributed in the form of digital tokens.

As a reminder, you must own a Silks avatar to receive rewards.

On a private farm, 100% of the racing reward received by a horse in the stable is distributed to the owner(s) of the horse.

On a public farm, when your horse wins a race, the racing reward tokens are distributed in the following order:

  1. Stabling fee distribution
    • Distributed to the owner of the public farm, based on the farms' stabling fee.
  2. Stabling Pool distribution
    • Any horse who earns racing rewards while stabled in a public stable will share those rewards on a pro-rata basis with the other horses in the stable. This is known as the "Stabling Pool". The racing reward distribution is calculated by taking the total racing reward paid to the stabled horse, minus the stabling fee, divided by the number of horses in the stable. If a horse wins 1,000 rewards, and the stable has a 5% stabling fee, and the stable has 10 horses, the stable owner will receive 50 rewards and each horse’s owner in the stable will receive 95 rewards for each horse they own.
  3. Syndication distribution
    • Each horse owner receiving distributions from #2 above then distributes those rewards on a pro-rata basis to the holders of the Governance and Partnership shares of their syndicated horse. Using the numbers from #2 above, if a horse has been syndicated into 10 fractions, and the horse receives a distribution of 95 rewards, the owner of each share of the horse will receive 9.50 rewards.

Dynasties that prove their ability to build championship stables will be featured prominently in the game. Silks anticipates holding competitions ranking and rewarding top farms based on the aggregate earning of their stabled horses over designated periods of time.

The above distributions occur automatically and cannot be altered in any way by the players of the game.

Breeding farm mechanics and reward structures will be introduced in the future.

Silks Economy